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  • Politics'

The science or art of political government.

It practiced or profession of conducting political affairs

We have to avoided discussion of religion and his/ her own affairs.

Be united under the shadow Oromumma tokkumma!
: This the sign of oromo



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  • Gadaa tree

This is a sign of democracy which our father making a laws and rules as well as judiciary ceremony  before 16 century under the shadow of this tree.

The following are the Gadaa officials and their duties according to the Tuullama Gadaa practice:

1. Abbaa Bokku - President

2. Abbaa Bokku - First Vice-President

3. Abbaa Bokku - Second Vice-President

4. Abbaa Chaffe - Chairman of the Assembly (Chaffe)

5. Abbaa Dubbi - Speaker who presents the decision of the presidium to the Assembly

6. Abbaa Seera - Memoriser of the laws and the results of the Assembly's deliberations.

7. Abbaa Alanga - Judge who executes the decision

8. Abbaa Duula - In charge of the army

9. Abbaa Sa'a - In charge of the economy

gadaa falg 2

Gadaa grade

The Gadaa grades (stages of development through which a Gadaa class passes) differ in number (7-11) and name in different parts of Oromia although the functions are the same. The following are the Gadaa grades:-

1. Dabballee (0-8 years of age)

2. Folle or Gamme Titiqaa (8-16 years of age)

3. Qondaala or Gamme Gurgudaa (16-24 years of age)

4. Kuusa (24-32 years of age)

5. Raaba Doorii (32-40 years of age)

6. Gadaa (40-48 years of age)

7. Yuba I (48-56 years of age)

8. Yuba II (56-64 years of age)

9. Yuba III (64-72 years of age)

10. Gadamojjii (72-80 years of age)

11. Jaarsa (80 and above years of age)

This is a sign of oromo / Mallatoo Oromo

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