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wanci bak ab

Simply I using this website by the name of the most beautiful a crater lake in Africa. It is 137km away from Finfinnne (Addis Abebe) to western Oromia. It found between Walisso and Ambo. To reach there you can use both direction.



It has a latitude and longitude of 8°32′N 37°58′E with an elevation of 2063 meters above sea level. Walisso is the administrative center of this Zone.Waliso is derived from the name of Oromo clan. Accordingly, Waliso is the son of Liban, Liiban in Afan Oromo, who had three children: Ammaya or Ammayya in Afan Oromo (the oldest), Waliso (the middle) and Kutaye (the youngest).


Liban belongs to Metcha, a bigger

Oromo clan.

Therefore, I am very happy to create a website under the name of Oromo's beautiful places.This may just be the most common, and the most intimidating idea, news, culture, style, education, politics,and affairs that we are searching  to hear it all the time in networking situations.


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