A letter to the Regional Council of Darmstadt


         Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt

           Luisenplatz 2

          64283 Darmstadt

                                                                                  Darmstadt, 01,09,2017

This picture show us how the Ethiopian Government killing innocent people
Oromo´s Demonstration against Ethiopia Dictator´s on 1st Sep. 2017

A letter to the Regional Council of Darmstadt (Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt)demanding adequate protection for Oromo Asylum seekers.

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Oromo, found predominantly in what today is the country of Ethiopia is the largest ethnic

group constitutes over 40 percent of the Ethiopian population (approximately 45 million people).

The Oromo are united by a common linguistic tradition and share a strong sense of ethnic and

national identity.

The human rights violations against the Oromo people in Ethiopia seen through the eyes of

different international communities. The personal accounts of Oromo asylum seekers and other

immigrants to the Europe in general and to Germany in particular provide a window to the human rights conditions in Ethiopia.

The most significant human rights problems on Oromo people in Ethiopia are arbitrary killings;

allegations of torture, beating, abuse, and mistreatment of detainees by security forces; detention without charge; overburdened judiciary subject to political influence; infringement on citizens’s privacy rights, including illegal searches; restrictions on academic freedom; restrictions on freedom of assembly, association, and movement; alleged interference in religious affairs; limits on citizens’ ability to change their government; police, administrative, and judicial corruption; violence and societal discrimination against women and abuse of children; female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C); trafficking in persons; social discrimination against persons with

disabilities; clashes between ethnic minorities; discrimination against persons based on their

sexual orientation and against persons with HIV/AIDS; limits on worker rights; forced labor andchild labor.

Those above described problems are the reasons forced all Oromo's from their home land.

However, recently, the German government has passed a new legislation regarding refugees and

their status in Germany. Following the new law, the treatment against Ethiopian asylum seekers

especially the Oromo’s cases has been changed dramatically which seemingly mislead by the

misconception that the Ethiopian case is more of economical status rather than political one. As a

result of this Oromo’s are denied the cases of refugee status. Most of Oromo’s are also denied

access to education including language course and other related social benefits which is against

the founding principle of non-discrimination and the right of public education as enshrined under

Article 3 and 22 of the 1951 Convention on the status of refugee respectively.

So, we are very much concerned that this misperception of the true nature of the Ethiopian

dictators would have clear implication on the Oromo asylum process. Accordingly, we

vigorously demand the Germany government in general and the Regional Council of Darmstadt

in particular to change its attitude towards Oromo Asylum Seekers for the following reasons.

The Tigryans (TPLF) dominating single party has institutionalized oppression and corruption.

Ethiopians are denied fundamental rights and basic freedoms under the dictatorial regime.

Even at this moment, the dictator regime is murdering and torturing throughout Oromia

region of Ethiopia against peaceful demonstrators of the students and innocent Oromos.

The battle for freedom continues in the country wide. There is also a heavy clash between

the government forces and all Oromo people in all Oromia region where mass killings are still

going heavily under way. The October 2, 2016 the mass killing of over 700 Oromos on “Irrecha”

thanksgiving festivals was a resent memorable action taken by Ethiopian security forces.

Oppression and corruption have been institutionalized by the EPRDF, a single party from one Ethinic group-a Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front dominating every institution in the country including the army, the security, telecom, the judiciary, the Parliament, the election board, the financial system, all aspects of government from the federal to the local levels. They also control the economy including natural resources and national assets.

Most human rights crimes do not happen in a vacuum but can be closely associated with clamping down on dissent as the regime seizes the land, property, or lives of the people. The trade , industrial and service centre of the country is exclusively controlled by the political cadres and

institutions of the regime.

The Dictatorial regime is also violating right to belief and freedom of Religion by interfering in

to religious affaires the Christianity, Muslim and “Waaqefataa” the three Oromo Religions

through its political cadres. Today, religious leaders from all Religion institutions, who

opposed this interference, are imprisoned and exiled.

At present, also, there is no independent media and freedom of press and expression is in danger for a number of Journalists and bloggers are in jail and or in exile. Many independent newspapers are shut down by the order of the ruling party and their publishers and Journalists are behind bars. Admittedly, Ethiopian prisons and police stations

are overcrowded with Oromo human rights activists; opposition political members and journalists.

All television, internet and telecom are exclusively controlled by the regime. Moreover,

international Medias and blogs are blocked in Ethiopia.

Given German’s influential role as in dispensable member of the European Union and as

a country financially supporting the regime in Ethiopia, we demand to expose this

repressive regime that uses inflated figures and propaganda to present a different picture

of Ethiopia that does not exist on the ground. More importantly, German could take a strategic

role in supporting the creation of a viable alternative to this government. It may not be able to happen within Ethiopia, but a shadow government could be started that could be prepared to set

the foundation for a new Ethiopia based on truth, justice, decency, equality and the respect for

the human rights of its people. These have been numerously reported by International

Medias, which includes German, Human right groups such as Freedom House, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch, local political, civic, and religious organizations.

Accordingly we vigorously demand the Regional Council of Darmstadt, the German Government and the international community to do something to stop the misery and suffering of the Oromo people.

German government should stand bold and met its principles to condemn the Ethiopia dictator regime which is committing systematic and serious crimes including but not limited to crimes against humanity, torture and genocide on Oromo people.

We demand to stop cooperating with blood sucker dictators in Ethiopia and stop spending tax payers money to consolidated dictators and human rights violations.

Inside we demand the German government to put pressure on this regime for deep reforms. And such reforms also would probably mean the quick end of the ethnic regime and be accountable for their crime activities. The German government could help but first we need to bring you greater awareness as we stated in short over this letter.

Finally, we strongly demand the Regional Council of Darmstadt and the foreign ministry with

that of higher commotion for refuge to reconsider its stand against the cases of Oromo refugee status, and conduct further research and examination on the current situation of Ethiopia and Oromo's.

Accordingly, we demand in certain terms that the German Government shall granted adequate protection for Oromo asylum seekers and refugees and thereby seriously re-consider the new legislation.

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Prepared by:

Nadhani Tilahun

Girma Alemu

Gemede Nure Firo

Tura Gazali

Mahammed Abdo

Mahammed Haji

Giftii Gezehagn



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