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Day: October 30, 2015

New York mother throws baby


New York (AFP) - A 27-year-old woman allegedly threw her baby daughter to her death from the window of their sixth-floor apartment, the third such tragedy in as many months in the city.



Her three other young children, aged four, eight and 10 and who were present at the time, have been placed in care.

Tenisha Fearon -- who ignored the pleas of her horrified neighbors -- has been charged with murder after the death of the six month old on Thursday in the Bronx.

A source told the local NY1 News that Fearon was suffering postpartum depression and NBC said the family was about to be evicted from their apartment.


Last month, another woman, 33, threw her baby daughter to her death from a seventh-floor window soon after giving birth, also in the Bronx. She had hidden her pregnancy.

On August 7, in Queens, another mother tossed her three-week-old son -- who later died -- out a fourth floor window. She apparently thought the baby was possessed by spirits.


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